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LFG l4d2


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Dec 3, 2009
So I got l4d2. Loved l4d1, played the heck out of it with friends in versus and campaigns and downloaded campaigns etc.

Ordered l4d2, it is plagued by a few issues that turned a few of my friends off because of the difficulty of getting a game going or finding a workable server with 100 or less ping etc.

I really would like to at least get a group of four and play through all this content I bought, I would play alone - but lets face it the bots are mentally handicapped and sit in acid sometimes.

I would like to get 3 people together to complete the campaign(s) on a date(s) we can agree on, preferably on advanced or expert difficulty. Send me a steam invite to digitaldurandal (i believe that's correct let me know if it doesn't work.) and let me know in here that you are from AT and are interested.

Also wouldn't mind a little versus. Not looking for like the best of the best players so any skill feel free to apply, just be willing to to play on advanced or expert :)

Hopefully can get a group!