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News Lee Elder, 1st Black Golfer To Play At The Masters, Dies At Age 87


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Oct 8, 2000
Some of the young folks here may not remember him but I do.
I remember when this happened. It was a big deal that Lee Elder
was invited to play in the Masters since the PGA broke down their color barrier in 1961.
It took a long time for that invite. Now winners on the tour automatically get that invite.

Unfortunately Charles Sifford should have been the first African American to play in the Masters
since he won on the PGA tour in 1967 and 1969 but was never invited.

"In 1975, Elder became the first African American to play in the Masters.[5] Leading up to the tournament, he received substantial amounts of hate mail.
Fearing for his safety, during the week of the tournament he rented two houses in town and kept moving between them, and always had people around him when he went to eat.

RIP Lee Elder