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Good Language to start programming

  • C++

  • Java

  • Perl

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • Javascript

  • C#

  • Lisp

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Apr 19, 2007
It starts to get interesting when you try to solve the same problems with different approaches.

Here's a problem I've seen multiple times on the internet:
A hallway has a single row of 1000 lockers. All of them are closed initially. The hallway also has 1000 students.

/and stuff
1 student = 1 GPU thread... BAM all 1 million inefficient possibilities taken care of. :colbert:

Now how to optimize this in parallel and you've got yourself interviews for certain types of computer/software engineering jobs. Sorry to go a bit off topic as this is obviously getting well beyond the realm of "start programming".


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Jul 22, 2012
1 student = 1 GPU thread... BAM all 1 million inefficient possibilities taken care of. :colbert:

Requirements for the game Wolfenstein, The New Order:
"Intel i7 or AMD equivalent"
Hours spent optimizing this game: 0

I wonder what the source code looks like. Instead of doing a status check on your character when something happens like an enemy shooting, it just does endless checking all the time for no reason.
Timer statusTimer = new Timer(1); //create an event every 1 millisecond
myStatus.Elapsed += checkPlayerStatus; //run this function every 1 millisecond

I swear some code must be that bad. Try this right now. Download the free version of SlimDrivers and do a driver check. While a driver is installing. slimdrivers.exe will take 100% of one CPU core. EZScript for AutoCAD is like this too. The 'monitor' feature will consume 100% of a CPU core while it's running scripts. Absolutely no attempt was made to make reasonably good code.
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