LCD & Win98 Power Saving?

Jeff H

Golden Member
Oct 11, 1999

As far as anyone knows are there any issues w/ LCD monitors (Hitachi CML153XW from Newegg) and Windows 98SE power saving (ACPI)? I ask because I just set up this LCD yesterday, for a system my mother in law will use. It's an older system (Shuttle HOT-569 430TX, iP233MMX, 64MB SDRAM, Hercules Thriller 3D 16MB PCI), and honestly the Hitachi looks really good w/ this vid card. I also hooked the LCD up to my new, in process box (in process meaning it's not fully set up yet) - EPoX 4SDA+, P4-1.6A, Arkua HSF (great unit, btw), 512MB PC2100 DDR, Leadtek GeForce 3 Ti200 128MB. I came out to the area where I'm setting these machines up only to find the EPoX box rebooting, suspiciously at the same time ACPI was going to kick in (I was timing the occurences, along w/ the Win98 screen saver).

Now, it's entirely likely that a power fluctuation caused the reboot, what w/ multiple fluorescent lights turning on and off. But, my question is this: is ACPI an issue w/ LCD monitors? Or is it more likely a simple power spike caused the reboot?