Question Latest version of Win11 Notepad doesn't ask if you want to save the file??


May 19, 2011
I have a script I use for backing up computers before a migration/wipe, opened it in Notepad (11.2309.28.0) as usual, made the necessary changes to the script, clicked the X to close the app. It didn't ask to save the file like I'd normally expect, and it lost the changes to the file.

I've done this about three times on this computer now, same thing each time. Out of curiosity, I then thought I'd start notepad from a run prompt and do the same test with a plain text file, at which point it loaded three instances of Notepad including the various attempts I've made when editing this file. Then when I went to close each window it asked whether I wanted to save the file!

I heard about the recent update to Notepad, but this is the first I've heard of this saving weirdness.


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Jun 5, 2008
It's a pain in the butt. The fixes are easy though.

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