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Question large files ....from system M.2 or from external M.2 ?

Dec 6, 2008
first plz bare with me this is NOT my native language.

question: which is better, (most efficient, least overall wear) to transfer a 35 GB file from an external NVMe case / WDS500G2B0Cvia via usb 3.1 gen 2 port/ and then to unpack it (100 gb final ) from the system NVMe a (1 TB EX950) OR JUST to directly UNPACK THE 35 gb FILE FROM THE external NVMe case to the system NVMe? my cases are fast ( even a sata m2) but they tend to run hot, so i dont know about unpacking this or lets say a 75 g b file, but i would like to avoid amplification, so any ideas? thanks! edit