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Laptops with docking stations


Dec 22, 2009
I'm in the market for a new "work/play" laptop(mainly work). Spec wise I'm looking at something with a Ryzen 4600U or H and 16GB ram but that's not imporant for this thread.

What I really need is a laptop that 1) Supports a full fledged docking station that can handle 2 1080p display port monitors at 120hz and 2)Non-soldiered easy to upgrade ram and NVME drives. What manufactures charge for factory RAM/Storage upgrades is down right criminal imo.

What manufactures and models should I be looking at? Lenovo and Dell seem to have gone on the soldiered RAM bandwagon for some reason and don't seem to have docking stations any more.

BTW: I currently use Lenovo T540p and older HP Elite book 84. I'm not in a hurry to upgrade but when the right deal comes along I will "pull the trigger" on it.