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Laptop no longer booting - what could be dead?


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Jul 16, 2020
As the title says, I can't use my laptop now, it's not booting into BIOS. When pressing the power button, the power LED glows, fan spins, screen is black (no power) and then it turns off. I had the same problem when I just bought it, but a CMOS reset by removing the battery worked. Now I tried the same method, tried swapping RAM sticks or turning it on without them at all, removed the main battery, all kinds of memory, also tried to push the CPU harder in the socket - nothing works, it's still the same as I described when I turn it on. Never got any error code signals either.
Now I start thinking if the motherboard could be dead, but what makes this case weird to me is that it happened absolutely out of nowhere, before this I just powered off the laptop and left my place for a day, no one was using it. It was disconnected from power supply, so couldn't be a power spike. The only "notable" thing I did before it is undervolting the CPU, but could it really ruin something, when everything worked stable? Also I got an OSOD (never had it before) relatively recently, it seems to be GPU related, but the GPU (at least discrete one) always worked ok and never ever overheated (I also use a cooling stand). What I'd like to know is what could be dead in this case and for what reasons. Did anyone have something similar happen?
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