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Laptop get crazy when it's turn off with headphones in


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Apr 6, 2021
The case is complicated.
I have an Acer laptop
Nitro AN515-42 series
WIndows 10

Things are happening to me that have never happened to me in previous laptops or PCs.
This is very bothersome in two situations when I want to watch adult movies in silence (using headphones) and when I want to play games with my friends. It seems to be some random and total chaos.

Sometimes (very rarely) everything works as it should. I plug the headphones into the microphone, switch to the speakers in the settings - I hear the game through the headphones and my friends hear me through the microphone from the headphones.

Another time when I do the same, I hear my friends through the headphones, but they hear me through the microphone on the laptop :O (the settings are the same)

Sometimes it also happens that the sound comes from the headphones and the external monitor in parallel. Sometimes restarting the computer helps, but I definitely need to have all external devices disconnected (monitor, keyboard, headphones)

There are a few more combinations, but I think that I have illustrated the chaos that is happening to me well