laptop crash/shutdown problem


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May 7, 2006
I have a HP zd7000 notebook, and it has worked perfectly for years, until recently, when it began to randomly shut off with no warning. It does so with a "click"-ish noise.

I asked a computer technician friend of mine, and he said that it was probably a problem with the hard drive parking. However, I replaced the drive and it still does the same problem.

I have tried with a battery in and with the battery out and on AC power, just in case it was something with the batteries, but the problem also still persists.

Can anyone help me determine what its problem could be and how to fix it?



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May 21, 2003
I don't have any experience with that particular model, but what you're describing sounds like a heat-related issue.

Are the vents on it blocked in any way (dust, etc?)

If your tech friend is feeling adventure-some, it would probably be fairly easy to remove the keyboard and keyboard bezel and blow any accumulated dust out of the laptop. You might check HP's site for any service manuals, you could also google the laptop model number and see if there's a manual on a different site.

If that doesn't cure the problem, it could be that the CPU cooling system has failed or is failing. It's most like a small heatpipe type cooler; but replacing it can be tricky. I'd only want someone very familiar with laptops to attempt it.




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Aug 8, 2004
The click you are hearing is in fact the hard drive head parking. This wont cause the system to shut down, it is parking because of the shutdown. Make sure its not overheating and check the event viewer and make sure there arent any errors. Does it do it at any certain time or completely random. Also, how long will the system run before shutdown