Laptop CPU fan always working at high speed(25000 rpm) at startup


Junior Member
Jul 17, 2020
I have ASUS N56JN laptop dual boot system(Ubuntu 18.04 and windows 10)
When I turn on the laptop, the fan always works in highspeed while CPU usage is 8% and never stops! even when I shut down it and again turn it on nothing change. both in Windows or Ubuntu, it happens. With restarting the problem is still the same. I read related questions but no answer.

The only way I can use my laptop is when I suddenly plug out the charger from it and force turn it off. Then again I turn it on and it works correctly with Usual speed(2000-3000 rpm) but if I restart it again it will have that issue.

Really I don't know what the problem is. also, I can't change OS because when I restart the laptop the fan has that problem, and it's dangerous.

What would be the suggested steps to solve this problem? Is it from BIOS setting? Or I should change it?