LAN Peer to Peer not working in Broadband connection


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Aug 25, 2017
Hello guys I'm having a problem on my LAN connection , so as usually I checked the LAN port and all other possible form to manage it. My connection is a broadband connection (SITI Broadband in INDIA) so when I connect to internet it's giving 1mb to 1.5 mb speed on Utorrent but till 2 wks no local peer connection is connecting to my system.
I call my distributor , they came & they check the connection using there laptop & I also check the connection using my brothers laptop & voila it's working properly to these laptop so they told me to check that there might be some services off in my system . So I'm asking u guys what might be the problem in my system ( using win 10 ver 1511) or which services I have to switched on for the problem
I checked by changing the DNS server
By opening and re installing the LAN driver
By enable & disable the Ethernet connection
By reinstalling the utorrent software
By installing bittorrent also
None of this work so ...
Plz help me guys...
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