Lack of LOCAL multiplayer games on Xbox?


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Mar 26, 2005
So I was looking for competitive games that I can play with friends on the couch locally, and I cannot find much at all!

Well, there's Rocket League, Mortal Kombat, perhaps some other fighting games... But that's it!

What if I want to play split screen racing games? I don't see any! FPS games? I think there's Halo for that, but not everybody likes Halo.

Am I wrong? Are there games I'm not aware of?

Again, I'm not talking about co-op games. I am interested in competitive 2 player games.


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Sep 13, 2001
Yet another reason Switch is the best of the 3 consoles out right now IMO.

And no, you are not wrong. Pretty much all you are getting is fighting games or sports games that offer that now a days. All they care about is getting you to pay to play online so most of the multiplayer games are online only.

I play couch co-op a lot with my son and we're only doing that on Switch. We just finished Luigi's Mansion 3 co-op the entire game. It was a great co-op game and about 12 hours. We also play Mario Kart (offline and online, split screen on the same Switch). And we played through New Super Mario Brothers and Mario 3D World and Bowsers Fury as well. Even some of those that appear to be co-op have competitive aspects to them which can add to it if you want to go that route.
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