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Question Kyle from BitWit [YT] explaining "Why Pre-builts SUCK".


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May 3, 2020
Kyle is right. Pre-builts suck. They almost always cut corners and almost always have high markups compared to buying the components. But not always. They do have their place in the market, though, for people who are not enthusiasts and a desire to build their own.
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Aug 25, 2001
I will critique a couple of issues that I had with the video. His build had a 1600 AF, and 3600 RAM, and he made the claim that the 1600 AF was around 15% faster than the 1600 AE. I don't believe that to be true, at least, not under all-core load. The 12nm Zen+ was nearly identical in IPC and architecture to the 14nm Zen1 CPUs, there were no real IPC improvements, it was pretty-much a straight shrink. The improvements, were to top-end freq. (if doing an all-core manual OC), and single-threaded turbo (12nm was able to turbo higher, in same TDP envelope.) But the all-core stock turbo clock, is 3.4Ghz for both.

Also, with both Zen and Zen+, you would be hard-pressed to get 3600 RAM to run at XMP sufficiently stable. Zen2 is no problem with 3600 RAM, but it's a bit of a stretch to get Zen1/Zen+ to those DRAM clocks. Granted, Zen+ is a bit better. 3000 RAM or 3200 RAM was really pushing it with Zen1, with Zen+, it's a bit easier, but ... unless you're planning on future-proofing to drop in a Zen2 (7nm) CPU, the 3600 RAM on his build was IMHO overkill.

Edit: Don't get me wrong, I love his build vids, but he's not infallible, either.

Edit: My points are minor, and don't invalidate the premise behind his video.
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Oct 18, 2009
For the vast majority of the population...the unwashed, non-caring, eyes glaze over when talking about computers from any viewpoint or subject...the computer is a commodity to be bought from WalMart or Target....or even Best Buy (if you're trying to "show off")

Desktops are a dying breed. My next door neighbor, an older woman of 78, has two grandsons ages 25 and 18. Neither have any interest in a computer. They just phone it in. Well, except for the times taxes have to be done. Then my computer suddenly becomes interesting.....otherwise, no care, no interest. About sums up 3/4 of the U.S. population vis a vis computers.


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May 4, 2000


Aug 25, 2001
Here's something I saw on Tom's yesterday where HP is using some better components in some of their gaming series, and that they use non-proprietary parts. Heck, in their larger option they now even include a front intake fan! ;)

Good news for consumers, this is more evidence that larger brand-names are "getting it" more and more when it comes to actual REAL Gaming PCs, but that comes at a cost to your local boutique system-builder in your neighborhood, who probably doesn't have the "advertising presence" that HP has. (Although, word-of-mouth can be pretty powerful too.)

What's going to happen to the DIY / enthusiast PC market, though, if all of the "big-name OEMs" start to use standard DIY parts (purchased in qty., of course, at a discount that no small system-builder can match). When you can finally get a "boutique-quality build" at consumer OEM prices. Hmm, mixed feelings about this development.

OTOH, for those of my friends or friends of friends, that would choose to go to BigBox-store and buy whatever PC the salesman suggests, rather than come to me and have us mutually plan out a bespoke build at a better quality and sometimes lower price, and end up with a PC with a powerful CPU, but NO GPU... for Gaming (!) from BigBox-store instead, well, this is good news for those types of people. Sort of basically protecting themselves from their own stupidity ignorance. (People wonder why I keep pre-assembled Gaming PCs "on-hand". Well, it's those sorts of customers (that I have yet to get, pretty-much), but they decide that they want a new PC, they've got money burning in their hand(s), and they want it NOW!)
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Nov 25, 2012
So he picked one of those up-and-coming boutique and not established players like Dells. Those prebuilts will beat a similarly priced and spec'd DIY build.

There are only three RAM companies as well. Either it comes out good or it comes out like garbage.


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Sep 8, 2011
People seem to prefer laptops more than desktops for casual stuff and even for some gaming as well. I kinda wish there were more lunch box cases out there, so you could build an ITX system, add your own LCD panel and have the fold up keyboard/touchpad.