KT-7, Sandra, Chrome Obr and Confusion


Aug 29, 2000
I just recently put a chrome orb on my Kt7-Raid, capicitors are a little in the way, but it will go on there with a little effort. I have a locked TBird which I used the pencil trick to unlock. I redid the pencil when I got the orb.
I noticed some flakiness prior to putting th orb on, however, now I am really confused.
Set the multiplier to 9.0 or 9.5 and it comes up as 700 mhz. It is an 800 mhz TBird.
However, at the 700mhz (900 by multiplier) it comes in as a 932PR rating on Sandra.
On the 800mhz, the actual chip speed, it comes in as a 1065PR rating.
This makes me think that I am not overclocking at all by changing the multiplier. I am actually, somehow, resetting to 700 mhz.
I updated the bios and the o/c'ing seemed to be functional before, now I got some good cooling and am getting a little bit confused. Can the chip actually force the computer to default below it's true speed (i.e. an 800 showing as a 700)? Did I screw up a good pencil job by going over it again? (Don't want to have to mess with that orb again)
Any ideas? Thoughts?

oh yeah
Abit KT7-Raid
TBird 800
256meg PC150
SB Live
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Jul 6, 2000
I have the same problem with the CPU speed. I have a t-bird 800, and whenever I attempt to O/C by changing the multilplier on my KT7, it defaults to 700mhz. I assumed it was a bad pencil job, and I don't feel like taking the board out of the case to get to fan and redo the L1 bridges. My damn P/S sits RIGHT on top of my Alpha's fan clip. I think it defaults to 700, as that is the low range of the t-bird line and should give you a safe operation, allowing you to reset everything in the bios.

Sandra also reports my AGP bus speed as 100mhz, and my PCI bus at 50mhz, which are both WAY out of spec, but my system runs fine, so I assumed it was a glitch of some sort. Anyone else have this issue?

Abit KT7
T-bird 800 @ default due to issue above
64 mb PC 133C222, at 150mhz according to Sandra (more ram on order)
Herc GF2mx
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Oct 24, 2000
When I o/c my system beyond 3.0x100 sandra crashes winblows. It actually gives me a black screen of death, soo I wouldn't put too much stock in it personally.