Kobe press conference on!!

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Aug 2, 2001
Originally posted by: AlienCraft
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He cheated on HER!!! HER!!!??

My gawd, she is fawking HOT! Kobe is a f*&king moron!
Whatever. It doesn't matter what you have at home, when the opportunity comes knocking, and the opportunity is there to get away with it..a young kid like Kobe would take the chance.

Rich, successful men do it ALL the time..
Add Morally Bankrupt and remove Rich and Successful and I'll agree.
You obviously have no understanding of the world.

Look at Clinton, Kennedy..two people that have held the highest positions that the US has to offer. Regardless of the appearance of their wives, they simply wanted more. Look at all the Hollywood celebrities. Most are married to people whose pictures ATers kill kittens to, yet they still cheat..and this is only known because they are in the spotlight. Can you imagine the infidelity that exists in the more closed world of rich, powerful people?


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Jan 29, 2000
Kobe is toast. He is not the role model athlete that kids will look up to. he has failed his marriage,his teamates,his friends,fans and family. He will pay the price for his actions and lack of judgement. If it comes out that this was consensual, then I will make assesment of the lady,but right now,under his own admission, my assesment stands about him. The Lord can forgive, after repentance. I hope he seeks that. I can forgive,and will after repentance. His lawyers are saying he is innocent. That is why there will be a trial. If he is guilty, then whoe be to him for continuing a lie. This is the time to fess up. I am certain that Colorado law enforcement has done its job determining the merits of this case,and would not have made the charge unless they had solid evidence.

Now a jury will hear it, and rule.

I hope lakers drop him like a bad habit.:|


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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: coldcut
Would Brad Pitt cheat on Jenny Aniston? I can't imagine me doing it...
I'd look at my phat bank account, then look at my hot wife, then understand that I had too much of a good thing and couldn't part with either one :D


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Feb 16, 2003
Just know that Kobe's wife is way hotter than the accuser. That's all you need to know. :)


Aug 2, 2001
Look at Hugh Grant, and Elizabeth Hurley. Grant "had" her, and so much more..yet he decided to blow it all on a 50-cent hooker.

The backlash against Kobe is completely unfair IMO. If Clinton, a man whose position REQUIRES him to have superior morals than his counterparts, and is a man much older than Kobe..and we can only assume to be wiser, can cheat on his wife and be forgiven by a nation..certainly Kobe, whose job has NO bearing to morals or anything in that matter..and whose fellow "workers" are MUCh worse than him, can be forgiven too.

Just because Kobe was somehow perceived as a good person does not allow people to judge him more harshly than this. Had it been Rodman, or Rocker, no one would give it a second thought.


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Jan 25, 2000
I like Kobe as an athlete, and presume him innocent until proven otherwise, but parading his barely legal wife out like that is pathetic (started at the ESPYs). No, I didn't bother to watch much of the "press conference" but they're replaying clips now. It's apparently a great example of how well Kobe has nurtured his image up until now.