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Keurig is locking down its coffee makers to keep out cheap refills

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May 18, 2003
You must be one of those evil achievers! We'll have to impose a luxury coffee tax on you to subsidize the disenfranchised masses so that they can enjoy the pampering as well. Fairness ftw!
Exactly. Good on Dave for doing his usual duty of calling out someone who can afford a high end luxury like a Keurig coffee maker. Down with the 1%!

And how in the hell does this pass for P&N?
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Nov 19, 2001
I buy beans in small batches, grind it at the store and freeze for the coming week or so. I won't drink coffee from a plastic container. Plastic is religiously impure and I have a conservative brain that rejects disgusting. I have my little Italian espresso machine heating on the stove as I type.
elitist coffee snob