KernelFaultCheck at startup.


Junior Member
Aug 15, 2005
This has been driving me nuts for weeks, I can't seem to get this to go away in my startup list. Its listed as KernelFaultCheck and the path is dumprep 0 -k.

I've Google'd it and it is suppose to be safe to remove from startup and this is how you are suppose to do it.

"Used in connection with memory dumps - you can disable these by - right clicking on My Computer, selecting Properties and then the Advanced tab. Click on the Settings button in 'Startup and Recovery'. In the bottom pane - under 'Write debugging information' - click on the down arrow and then select 'None' - OK your way out"

Problem is I've done that, and it still always comes back in my Startup list. I have disabled this from running at startup through Spybot Search & Destroy, RegCleaner, MSConfig, and HJT.

But every single time I restart my computer it is back in the startup list. I don't get any BSOD's, and I dont think I have this process running after the comp boots up...but it still annoys the hell out of me that it wont go away.

Any ideas on this for good?

Btw Im running Windows XP w/SP2