kernel power event 91 (88)

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    OK so I had a random crash today! i started to investigate this in my logbook and i found that i had a Critical kernel power event. This happen pretty much after i updated Adobe flash. Dont know if that's the cause as i have had this Warning kernel power eventID 91 (88) all the time the CPU has been installed i think.

    Critical Kernel power eventID 41 (63) which i don't understand as i can run prime95 without any issues

    Also this is the related report i guess
    Warning kernel power eventID 91 (88)

    Processor 2 has been limited by an entity other than the kernel power manager.
    Elapsed time since the last incident was logged = 0s.
    Log Interval = 1000 events.

    Processor 2 varies from 0 to 11 and i have like 12 entries (feels like its all my cores)

    I have a 6 core 12 HT Xeon L5639
    No heat problem (35-40deg) idle and this event is from when the computer was idle

    What can it be
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