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Kerbal 2 is on the way


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Jul 15, 2003

The screen shots make it look like the original game with tweaks. So right now I am thinking cash grab. It might be fun, but I won't be buying it on day one. I'll wait for others to experiment.
What I want more than anything is intelligent, automated management of multiple missions at the exact same time. And much more stuff to on planetfall.


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Nov 30, 2011
It's actually been delayed, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it come out until 2021. It came out of nowhere, its not being developed by squad, and it's pretty ambitious, so I was extremely skeptical of the 2020 release date.

They want to add interstellar missions, so there are going to be more experimental/theoretical propulsion systems available. It is still set in the same Kerbal system that we all know and love, but you will be setting up colonies and advanced bases throughout the system. IE learn to get to the Mun, then use what you learned to get to Duna, setup a base on Duna from which you can launch from, then use it to explore Jool, etc. Use one of Jool's moon's as another base, and head out to the next closest star. You would probably have to setup automated supply runs to the established bases, explore current planets and moons for resources/setup small mining bases that can support the bigger colonies, etc. That's how I imagine it will work from the interviews. We will see how it turns out. Plus better graphics. I wish they could get the Mun to look as good as it does in the trailer. It add's alot to the game. The first time you land on the Mun is a huge thrill, helps if the first thing you see as you step off your handcrafted lander that you worked hard on, is not just a few low texture gray boulders, spread across a dull grey landscape.
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