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Kentucky cuts number of polling stations by 95 percent ahead of primary voting

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Jun 2, 2000
They've allowed voting all this past week, so an awful lot of people have already cast ballots. Plus they've aggressively pushed absentee mail in ballots. The SOS is black and has angered the GOP and BunkerBoi by doing so.

It's all about the big bug and not having enough polling place staff available to 'clean, clean, clean, clean ....'
Good points. I'd say the best role for young, healthy people wanting to do something this election is not the usual call bank/knocking on doors but instead to contact the local party and find out how to volunteer to serve at polling places for elections.

After all, if there is a documented huge excess of volunteer poll workers the GOP lackies court arguments are clearly shown to be pretext.

I'd did this way back the first primary I qualified for-it was pretty boring but that's a small sacrifice to pay.
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Aug 7, 2018
This is why the Republican Sec of State is doing this. More Republican attempts to disenfranchise minority voters. They damn well know who this effect the most. Another example of systemic racism.

Take those bastards to court. This is an effort by Mitch McConnell to win re-election. He is Not fooling anyone. Get a STAY in the matter!