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Ken Goldin (scammer) on HSN...


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Aug 30, 2001
Back in the days of Don West, the crazy guy who would try and sell late night sports cards, Ken Goldin, owner of Goldins collectables would call in and add to the crazyiness. I used to love to watch the show, but I knew something was fishey with the whole operation. If you guys don't know who Don West is, http://www.donwest.org/ has all the info you need about this great man. There show eventually died, and now Ken Goldin has his own late night show at 1am here on ABC family.

Anyway, while channel surfing tonight, I see Ken Goldin on HSN and I am like WTF. Now his look has changed and he has toned down his whole "act". I remember reading that Ken Goldin is a scammer, and dug this up on google.

"No other individual has done so much to screw over so many in this hobby. Ken Goldin was the man in charge at the now defunct Score Board, Inc. Many believe Ken Goldin pushed out countless product with autograph redemptions that he knew he wouldn't have to honor once Score Board, Inc. filed for bankruptcy. He left collector's holding now worthless redemption vouchers for the very same product he now often sells on Shop At Home for severely inflated amounts. "

http://www.snortscards.com/other/sathrip2.htm - Also saw this page, full of complains against his company

I just thought it was funny that this scammer can jump across three different tv stations and continue to push his product. I wouldn't touch anything he sells with a ten foot stick :disgust:


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Apr 21, 2000
This was the best quote I've found so far:

purchased many items from s@h,especially there blue chip specials,I listened to Don West saying 10 unopened boxes,50 rookie cards etc.etc-DO YOU KNOW WHAT I GOT,yes I did get 10 unopened boxes they were .teenage mutant turtles,and a box of super rigs of the 20th century,and last .,LOL.,WAS farm equipment trading cards,.,
I didn't know they offered farm equipment trading cards...the worst I ever collected was "Desert Shield" and "Desert Storm" cards...I remember thinking my cousin was lucky because he had the Stealth Bomber card or whatever...