Keeping Skyrim interesting with skill choices


May 19, 2011
I've done a standard warrior build and a destruction mage build. It seems to me that if you just go for one class then the game can get a lot more samey in terms of combat very quickly (e.g. two-handed combat can be satisfying for a while, but soon feels sluggish and slow).

I wanted to change things up a bit so I decided to go for archer / conjuror, (and this time I even didn't choose a Nord character! really adventurous, I know), this time as a Breton (not that adventurous, I know), and I chose the mage stone rather than warrior stone.

Surprisingly I think I got through to something like level 7 or 8 before I used any healing other than a healing spell (which as a Breton I had from the word go IIRC). I guess because archery typically keeps my foes at a distance, a housecarl helps as does a flame atronach.

I'm currently up to level 25 and a level or two ago I shed the light armour I had been smithing (though I guess I ought to have gone for heavy armour, I like doing stalhrim smithing though... which I thought was light armour, but requires ebony smithing perk?), and went for the arch-mage robes, morokei and the gauldur amulet.

Conjuring alone seems as boring as hell (you're basically summoning flame atronachs for ages, then eventually frost atronachs, then an age later I will probably get storm atronachs), so I was thinking about changing things up. I've never touched illusion spells, and alteration only so far as mage armour spells and transmute. Any suggestions?
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