Question Keep 12 year old Corsair HX850W as a "get me by" backup PSU?


Jul 18, 2003
I have a brand new, gold rated Seasonic PSU I'm going to swap into my main rig (see signature). I was keeping it on the shelf as a backup and I like to have a backup because we have a lot of systems in my home. I like to get PSUs at a discount instead of panic buying if one goes out as well.

So, concerning the backup I'm keeping on the shelf, I have a Corsair HX850W that's about 12 years old, which I'm taking out of the system. Would this work ok for a backup PSU, or should I be tossing a 12 year old unit, sell it cheaply, etc. and buy another new one to keep on the shelf? My thought is the 12 year old one could "get me by" until I found a suitable replacement on the cheap.