Discussion in 'Mobile Devices & Gadgets' started by master7045, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. master7045

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    I just read this article on engadget last night and it sounds like an interesting idea. Anyone use this little pocket sized, shared internet dooad?

    Here is a blurb from engadget:

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  3. wirednuts

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    wifi tethering is awesome, but a battery sucker. sharing wifi tethering would be even worse!
  4. sygyzy

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    Oct 21, 2000
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    It just went live today and I placed my order. $79 for the hotspot and $14 for 1GB. I know hotspots are a dime a dozen but here are the key points that work for me:

    1. No contract
    2. No minimums
    3. Earning 100MB to share

    I have a unique situation - my city doesn't even have Clearwire coverage but here I don't need it because I have 4G LTE and of course wifi at work and home. Where I really need this is when I am going to LA to visit friends and my family. My parents only have dialup. And free wifi is not at all widespread like you'd think. I can tether but that can rack up data really fast. With no contracts and no minimums, I can spread the 1GB balance over weeks or months. If I don't travel or use my hotspot for weeks at a time, the data just sits there waiting for me.

    Not to mention the cool integration with Facebook and the really really well designed site/experience. It honestly feels like a super clean product. The user experience (just from the blog/signing up/ordering/etc) is impressive.