Kaido's thoughts on the iPad


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Feb 14, 2004
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Part 3: Why I'm buying an iPad

And, just for fun, my "Dream iPad Wishlist":

1. Built-in SD slot (SDXC - a man needs 2TB cards!)
2. (2) USB slots (hey, USB 3.0 while we're at it...)
3. HDMI port (with 5.1 audio, if you please...and Wireless HDMI too...)
4. Front & Rear Camera/Camcorder/Webcam (shoot/record/iChat from either side)
5. Multi-tasking
6. Flash
7. Pixel Qi screen
8. Better name
9. Cooler software keyboard
10. Pen input (pressure-sensitive like a Wacom)
11. Improved homepage design
12. Aspect ratio of 16:9
13. HD 720p screen
14. FullHD 1080p playback support
15. Bottom AND side dock connectors
16. Bluetooth keyboard for the base (or some type of wireless)
17. Mouse support (VNC!!)
18. SPDIF output (it fits in a 3.5mm analog jack...c'mon)

imo THAT would be the perfect iPad device. I bet we'll see HDMI as an add-on adapter in the future, and probably a pen in the far future (especially to hit the education market). The rest, I'm not holding my breath. Anyway I just thought I'd share. Discussion welcome.


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Jun 24, 2006
1. I think the iPad will have the ability to have an accessible drive when connected through USB.
2. Apple is backing Lightpeak
3. Apple is backing MiniDisplayport
4. As there are already hooks in the OS for it, hopefully it will come out next year.
5. Rumors in iPhone OS 4.0
6. I want flash on it as well just to appease the pundits.
7. Pixel Qi screen is nice but I don't think it can compete with an LED backlit IPS screen
8. That's what people were saying about the Wii, then they got over it.
9. Cooler how?
10. You can buy a stylus for it
11. Needs to be similar to iPhone
12. Hard to do without making it overly wide
13. Needed
14. Needed
15. Needed
16. There is bluetooth wireless keyboard support
17. Don't really see the need as iPhone OS doesn't work well with mice
18. For what purpose?

I am with you. Hopefully next year they will release a revision that addresses all these features. Then I'll buy it. Until then I can't wait for the next version of iPhone.


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Feb 14, 2004
I like that keyboard, but if you laid it on a table, you couldn't type as fast. I'd like to see it as an app/option.
Yeah - multiple options. It already has a virtual normal keyboard, and a physical normal keyboard. I'd also like to see a thumb-based input like that, as well as Bluetooth keyboard support. And a pressure-sensitive stylus :biggrin: