k8N Neo2 problem - PSU switch turns system on, then no POST


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Oct 18, 2004

I am building a new system with the following:-

MSI k8N Neo2 platinum
Athlon 64 3200+
Asus Star Ice CPU cooler
ATI Radeon 9500 pro
Crucial DDR 3200 512MB x 2
Tagan 480W PSU TG480-U01
Silverstone Temjin TJ05 case

The problem I am getting is as follows: once I have connected everything to the motheroard and switch the PSU on using it's own button, the whole system starts up - the HDDs spin, the CPU cooler fan, system fan and motherboard fans all start, but I get no POST just a blank screen with no output to my monitor. This happens without me pushing the case power button; I have checked the case leads and they are all ok - indeed, this happens even when there are NO leads fron the case front panel conected to the motherboard at all - the system just starts as described above when I push the Tagan PSU switch.

When I had the K8Ns back-plate connected, I was getting the same error signal that suggests there is something wrong with the memory (3 red LEDs and 1 Green, I think); but I check the memory installation which was ok, and my memory is working fine with my old system.

To try and figure out what was going on, I gradually disconnected EVERYTHING from the motherboard, even the CPU, and took it out of the case and stood it on a large piece of cardboard. After connecting the power supply to it I pushed the PSU button and the same thing happened - the motherboard started up (I know that it started because the motherboard northbridge fan started and also I have the cpu cooler fan attached still, which also started up).

I then tried my old 300W PSU to see if the problem was with the Tagan and guess what - exactly the same problem occured; I know for sure my old PSU works as I am using it in my old system right now!

So, my question is does anyone know what's going on / have any suggestions? I personally think my motherboard is faulty - can anyone confirm the likelyhood of this?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.



Sep 29, 2003

I had the MSI neo 2 platinum with a 3500+. It worked great for about a week. One morning I went to boot and the fans spun 1/2 second then nothing. I thought my PSU (480 antec)was bad so i hooked up an old 350 watt antec and it booted....so I rma'd the 480 and got a 550.

Hooked up the 550 and had the same problem, fans spin a 1/2 second then nothing. So then i bought a thermaltake 480 watt and the board fired up(fans spinning, got video beeps etc) but no post, just a blank screen. I tried everything you did to get it to post. I finally rma'd the board it for an ASUS a8v deluxe and have had no problems at all.

I never could figure out why the board acted so wierd with 4 different PSU's. MSI support was perplexed by the problem as well....I probably called them 10 times.


Jul 14, 2002

There are many anecdotal reports about bad MSI boards. My board would not power-up so I purchased a new Enermax 480 cooler giant with dual rails (total 32 A@ 12 V). It would power up with this but I had :

1. No detection of my LAN card
2. My wireless mouse and keyboard stopped working
3. Significant graphic anomalies with Radeon card.

Unfortunately, I cannot return it- New Egg says that it can only be returned for the same model. I wonder why this is? Multiple returns? If you look at the New Egg site there are many good reviews so I don't know what to think. I ended up ordering an Abit board. I'll keep you informed.