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Question Just Picked Up A Budget Prebuilt, Looking For Recommendations On Upgrades


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Nov 2, 1999
Just snagged this computer https://www.walmart.com/ip/Refurbished-HP-Pavilion-Gaming-R5-1650-Super-8GB-256GB-Gaming-Desktop-Tower/828808485

I'd like to upgrade the ram and throw another hard drive in, but haven't really kept up-to-date on PC building or the newest technology as my most recent computer is a 3-year-old laptop, and previous to that I put together a custom build nearly 10 years ago. I'm looking to do some light 1080p gaming mostly on games that are a couple of years old, but I wouldn't complain if I could also run some of the newer games on lower settings. What budget ram kits (16 gb) and hard drives (thinking 1 TB) would you all recommend? Any other recommendations? Appreciate the help! :)