Just now my dad was informed via a call that his close friend passed away.

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Mar 14, 2015
Short story.... many are speculating it was the hospital's fault.

Long story based of what my dad told me for the past few days of what was happening with his friend:
My dad's close friend who lives in the same building as we do had some heart issue while on vacation, so when he came back his son drove him to St.Francis Hospital and Heart Center in Roslyn. In short, they first did a stent, then placed a pace maker. Three days (there were some technocal issues with some prescription before they could discharge him into recovery in the hospital he started to feel pain in the chest (but not in the heart area, but rather the upper chest. My dad used to visit him at the hospital as it was only a drive. Apparently today as Saturday, the friend was in pain, and no doctors were in the hospital, and only staff and nurses was there. Apparently the nurses only called the doctor assistant and head nurse who only gave him Tylenol, and some Tylenol like medical injection. When those didn't work, then they claimed he was over hydrated, and injected him with something to dehydrate him. Then they noticed his O2 level dropping so then placed him on oxygen respirator. The pain only subsided after they placed him on a oxygen respirator pipes via nostril. My father was there when they did that, and he claimed he became fine quickly after that. Then my dad left.

According to the phone call from my dad's friends wife ( my dad always keeps the phone on speaker all the time) who was there when the incident occurred, my dad's friend could not sleep with the respirator in. So they took the respirator out. His wife went to the nurse suggested to the nurse 5 minutes later after he seemed asleep, that they place the respirator line back once he is asleep. The nurse said she would think about it. When she came back to the room, she found the monitors showing as if he was dead. When she told the staff about it, they started to use an air pump on him with chest compressions, but did not use a defibrillator she said. They moved her to a different room. After a wile they came back and told him he was dead, they claimed he died of a massive heart attack and thus could not use a defibrillator.

My dad had told me that he was not at all in a bad condition when he left from the hospital after visiting his friend today. His freinds wife when telling my dad, told him that his friend was still getting better till they removed the oxygen supply.



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Feb 26, 2006
So... How is this bad news for us?
Now that the title has been edited, sounds like some incompetence on the part of the hospital staff...or MAYBE, just maybe, it was simply his time.
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Oct 20, 2003
Condolences.... RIP. :(

EDIT: Oh and time to "lawyer-up" for dads friends family.

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Nov 25, 2012
Did the friend happen to be low-income?

Understand that hospital people are some of the most ageist, Malthusian bitches you will ever meet.