Question Just more than DOUBLED my video card performance for $25!


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Jan 23, 2007
My youngest son installed a new Steam game that has a decent amount of 3D stuff going on, and he found it jerky. I was surprised, but then I looked at the system, and found that it did NOT have a Radeon RX 550 graphics card installed like our other 2 systems do. Instead, it had a GT 740. I found someone on here selling a couple of Quadro K2200 video cards for $30 each, shipped.

Turned out to be a pretty nice upgrade:

Geforce GT 740 64 Watts 1,540 G3D Marks

Quadro K2200 68 Watts 3,532 G3D Marks

= 129% performance increase, for about the same amount of power

This should be fine for us for another 4-5 years or so, until I eventually find a used deal on a Radeon RX 6400
for around 50 bucks.... (or similar performing Nvidia card in the 55 Watts or under range)
Radeon RX 6400 53 Watts 7,375 G3D Marks