Just Got New Glasses


Nov 20, 1999
Today is the first day that I've worn my new glasses. I was told that my eyes would have to adjust. An hour ago (been wearing new glasses for roughly 7 hours), I went to renew my driver's license. I almost failed the vision test. I could barely make out the numbers with the individual eye test. With both eyes, I could make out the numbers (not clearly, though).

How long did it take for your eyes to adjust to new glasses? I've had 4 prescription changes in the past 12 years (slight increase each time) and have never experienced anything like this. I called and they said it's normal, but i'm not convinced.

some facts:

1. Nearsighted with slight astigmatism in left eye.
2. New prescription is supposedly +0.5 diopeter more in each eye.
3. I've had a headache all day.
4. I can only focus on letters/words with both eyes. I can barely read anything with one eye covered.

At this point, I must assume that the vision clinic screwed up my prescription. I'll be bringing these damned glasses to them on Monday to have them checked. I'm just looking for some opinions while I wait.