Just got an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe, sound issues


Apr 1, 2001
So just like the titles say, i want to make sure I have all my settings right. I'm testing out the soundstorm unit as I've read good things and if I can not have to use a sound card, that's great. I need it to out whatever format I'm playing at all times...just checked WinDVD and LoTR output fine after I checked SP/DIF output (didn't try DTS track yet though), but when I try to play one of the AC3 tracks from an HDTV episode cap, I'm still getting it out of 2 channels and 2 channels only.

This is all being played with Zoom Player to a Denon 3805 (via digicoax obviously).

I looked through the nvmixer board and couldn't find anything of use (5.1 Dolby Digital Live, right?).