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Just got a new stereo for the living room... how did i do?


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Jun 16, 2000
My wife and I bought a bunch of stuff for our living room over the weekend (my wallet is still reeling). We got a new sofa, loveseat (for her) and surround system (for me).

We got the system from best buy because of the no payments/interest for 18 mo. We ended up with a yamaha htr-5240 w/dts @$379 and the jbl scs125a "simply cinema" speaker system (open box) @ $239. My goal was to stay under $700.

The rest of the system consists of dishnetwork satellite feed, sony 27" tv, onkyo 6 disk changer, and panasonic stereo vcr. The dvd will come this christmas.

So how did I do? Is there something better for my price range?