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Just built myself a HTPC


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Dec 5, 2012
I just built an ML05 gaming machine for the living room.
The heart of the gaming system is the i5 4590 with gigabyte H97N AC WIFI

That actually an R9 290X reference model with a GPU heatsink off a GELID VGA cooler. The stock fan was loud, so I removed it.

To cool that card I install two Corsair SP120 quiet edition and not using the fan that comes with the GELID cooler

I ended up not using the dust filter on the fan grille on the graphic card because it restrict airflow to the graphic card. With the filter the 290x was reaching 94C with Unigine unless I run the fan at full speed. Once I removed the filter the fan can run at 1200RPM and keep the card at 82C (both core and VRM temp) for two hours of Unigine while maintain 1040 core clock.

Noise wise, I don;t have a scientific method to record the noise, but my PS3 and xbox360 is louder.

Full system spec
Gigbyte H97N AC Wifi
i5 4590
Reference R9 290X
Gelid VGA Heatsink
2 Corsair SP120
WD 1Tb Blue
PNY Optima 240GB SSD

Under Unigine CPU top at 50C GPU top at 81C.

I play all of my games so far at 1080P max setting and is able to use Vsync with 60fps.
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Sep 1, 2002
Looks great for that spot. Very nice video card for that application.
What TV is it connected to?
Is it connected to a home theater system?


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Dec 5, 2012
It connected to a Sony 52. I use it to stream live sports and play games. I've never seen a game look so good and run at a constant 60fps on a TV before.