Just bought another BMW

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Apr 3, 2008
Initial ownership impressions:

1. Factory tire pressure settings are a tad too high for my comfort (feels floaty). Dropped 2 psi F/R and it feels much better. The front feels more stable on initial turn in.

2. Riding it like a sports bike feels decidedly unstable. But riding it more akin to a supermoto feels just right.

3. It's got self cancelling indicators :D

4. Factory tool kit is much better equipped than all other bikes I've ever owned.

5. The servo-assisted brakes feel over assisted. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it.

6. Definitely need a shield. Naked is fine puttering around town; anything above 60 mph and the buffeting is a real nuisance. Ordered this one.


7. Foot pegs are a bit too high for touring. Thinking about getting an aftermarket seat that raises the overall seat height by about an inch. From what other owners say, lowering pegs don't make the ergonomics much better.

8. Heated grips FTMFW


Aug 23, 2007
Last weekend I was on the highway out in the country and a BMW bike passed me. The guy looked over and nodded. So I guess there's no BMW wave like with Jeeps, but there is a BMW nod and it works between cars and bikes
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