Joe Biden. State Of The Union Speech March 1 @ 9pm EST


Feb 1, 2008
I wanted to start this thread because if I don't, someone else will and certainly will on March 1st.
But I wanted to because of the republican rebuttal that follows.
Apparently, this year the republicans have chosen someone I know a lot about, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.
And they will say.... how marvelous her leadership has been as governor during the pandemic, but don't you believe it. Not a word.
More people in Iowa have died needlessly of covid because and only because of Kim Reynolds. You see, Reynolds devised this "map" of Iowa where she divided the state up into sections. Color coded sections. And Reynolds would not impose safety measures in a section unless that section developed infection rates above 11%. 10%...??? She did nothing. But 11%, then Reynolds would impose her safety measures such as they were. This allowed Iowa to become one of the highest infection rate states in the nation.

Think of it as a house on fire, and you don't call the fire department until the fire spreads to the roof, and THEN you call the fire department. But only after the house is on its way to burning completely down.

Yes, this is how the great marvelous Kim Reynolds ran her covid pandemic in the state of Iowa. Typical republican.
Not to mention her appearing on stage with Donald Trump at a rally a few months ago and kissing his ass, with old fossil Senator Chuck Grassley also appearing on stage to do his own Trump ass kissing.
Think about this.... You have two high profile republicans willing to appear on stage, smiling they're asses off, standing beside a convicted insurrectionist. Someone who actually planned to overthrow a legitimate United States election. We know what it says about Donald Trump, but what does it say about a governor? And a sitting US senator?

Yes, Chuck Grassley is such a scumbag that he would seek the blessings of a traitor to America, Donald Trump, just to help Grassley's re-election efforts. All I can say is.... it was a good thing that Vladimir Putin wasn't in town or Reynolds and Grassley would be kissing Putin's ass as well.

And so, THIS is who the republicans have chosen to rebuttal Joe Biden on March 1st.
Take it for what it's worth, birds of a feather, birds of a feather.
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Jan 29, 2001
Stumbling, mumbling and bumbling Bidet! It will be nothing but a highlight reel of stupidity!:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: