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Jesse Ventura could enter the race if Sanders loses

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Nov 9, 2000
I could see myself protest voting for someone as batshit crazy as Ventura if Sanders loses. He's somewhat ideologically close to my gay commie weed heart.
As socialist as bernie sanders is... I would vote for him over Trump. With a republican congress there would not be too much damage done. However... wall street wants Hillary and wall street is pumping a shit ton of money to make that happen.

So I would plan on Sanders losing.


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Jul 12, 2006
As the President, he doesn't have the power to fund or build a wall so no he isn't going to do it.

Building a wall would take both Congressional legislation and appropriations to build it. The majority of the stuff Trump says he would have zero power to do and there is little chance Congress would go along with him on it either. You and Trump need remedial lessons on how the branches of government work. The bright side of a Trump presidency would be the expansion of executive power would likely reverse course.
Oh, don't forget the military coup/impeachment proceedings if we were to actually act on any of his so-called enemy engagement promises.