Iwill must have the worst BIOS team in the world


Aug 28, 2001
My Iwill motherboard (KA266+) has been my overclocking best friend since i bought over 8 months ago. Ive been running it at a 163mhz FSB for over 5 months now, rock stable in my rig.

I have been considering upgrading to an Athlon XP 2100+ instead of my tired old Tbird 1400 AHYJA0.

So i went to Iwills website to download the latest bios that supports the athlon XP.

Dowloaded version 4 (the newest)
Flashed over to version4

Reset the Cmos, got into the bios, used "load failsafe settings", rebooted, set it to my default settings (without any overclocking), rebooted again

Let windows load (2000 pro) froze within 2 minutes of using (while running winamp and browsing my networked server)
Restarted, checked my settings in the bios, loaded windows again. Same thing, froze (this time while running unreal tournament)
Powered it down, downloaded BIOS version 3 (the 1st bios to support athlon XP) on another machine, flashed it to 3, restarted

No post, Cleared the CMOS, No post, Cleared the CMOS again, No post, Removed all cards and reseated, No post, cleared the CMOS, No post, Got extremely POd and left for about an hour, came back, cleared the CMOS, POST! froze during memory test, pulled and reseated the ram, powered up, POST, got in the bios, used the "load failsafe defaults" setting, restarted, posted to a grey screen, thats it, just grey.

Powered down and powered up (from now on will be refferred to as PDPU) No post
PDPU Post, flashed it to version2, Cleared the CMOS, PDPU, post, loaded failsafe settings, post, froze everytime it tried to load anything, would not boot from CD, HDD0, HDD1, or Floppy.

5 Restarts later i get a post, flashed it to version1 (the original bios that came with the mobo), cleared the CMOS, post, set it up with my OVERCLOCKED settings (includes 165fsb, CL2 on the ram, much much more) runs great.

MY CONCLUSION: Iwill fired the good bios guy and hired a team of morons to replace him, this endeavor has narrowed my mobo makers i like down to a sorry 2 (abit, asus)

Honestly, why would Iwill post bioses that suck terribly? as if ram latency wasnt enough to make us mad, they have to mess up 3 BIOSs on top of this? morons


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Jun 2, 2001
Sorry to hear of your problems, however I think you are over reacting a bit. If the BIOS versions had all truely been that bad, I'm sure they would have been pulled by now or at least you would have heard of this type of thing before now. Doing a quick check over at the OC Workbench IWILL forum doesn't show anything like the problems you've been experiencing. That is not to diminish or doubt your troubles, just to point out that I doubt very seriously that Iwill "fired the good bios guy and hired a team of morons to replace him". Although that is a funny line!:) I have had one bad experience with Iwill in the past but that doesn't mean they are complete idiots. No, I do not have any suggestions as to solve your troubles as such but I don't believe it is strictly the BIOS failure. In fact, it could be your BIOS chip is faulty and not flashing properly. You might want to consider checking with BadFlash.com and explore the possibility of having them reprogram it to the BIOS you want or even sending you a new chip. Good luck in whatever you decide. Just a couple of cents worth. ;)