IWill KK266-R and AMD XP 2000+


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Feb 21, 2001
I am trying to upgrade my computer to get by till next summer. One of the items I was gonna upgrade is the CPU. I had been running an Athlon 1GHz thunderbird @ 1333MHz (it would actually go above 1500MHz stable...but my pencil lead must'ave worn off, the unlocking relocked!) on the IWill KK266-R motherboard with 512 MB Crucial RAM.

Anyway...I know that it says "officially" that this board only supports through the Athlon 1.4GHz processors. However after asking for feedback in these forums and others, people were saying they had XP1800+'s and such running of on their boards (the same one). I checked to see that the multiplier was possible on this board and it is. So anyway, I have put in the XP2000+ chip and when I attempt to run it at 12.5 x 133Mhz FSB I get random lockups in WinXP pro. Doesn't seem to matter much what I'm doing. I can run it at 12.5 x 115 MHz FSB all day (haven't tried any higher FSB at these settings so I don't screw up my PCI bus speed too much. I do not have aggressive memory timings set in the bios. (in fact they are less aggressive than what I had been running with the 1GHz chip)

Anyone have any idea why I am getting these lockups and what to try?

Or am I doomed to buy another motherboard to get the potential out of this chip (not counting the lower performance lost due to PC133)


Jan 6, 2001
The truth is that you need to upgrade your motherboard and take advantage of your chip. I love the iwill board but its old now and the xp would be better suited in a board with ddr capabilities.


Oct 9, 1999
Could be several things.

* Is your KK266R flashed to the latest BIOS update from Iwill? Latest BIOS for the "KK266-R" version is from 6/19/02.
The KK266 boards are crazy easy to flash using the Quick Flash Method

* Is your CPU running cool enough?

* If you're going to sell the KK266-R anytime soon let me know, I'm in the market for one. :D