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Question ITX build using the smallest case with an RTX 30xx


Oct 15, 2002
Hi guys, I would like to ask some suggestions, I am trying to build an ITX rig using a K39 case, this is slightly larger than a Velka 3 case, please see the full details of this case in this link K39.

My main problem is the GPU. Although there are GPUs that will fit this case, my goal is to fit at least an RTX 30xx (I am planning to use an RTX 2070 mini but it is already discontinued).

My question is is there an RTX card out there that I can buy readily that can fit such a case?

And lastly, what is the smallest ITX build with an RTX 30xx GPU ever assembled using off-the-shelve parts?


Diamond Member
Jun 8, 2005
With a no-name chinese power supply "rated" at 380 Watts on the 12V rail, you won't be able to put much more than a 3060 Ti in there anyways. That said, 180mm is a severe constriction, and I don't think even the Asus 3060 Ti Mini (built for ITX) will fit (pretty sure it's 200mm). You'd probably have to wait for the 3060 non TI / 3050 cards to come along.