itunes will not allow transfer of m3u playlists


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Sep 3, 2003
I've actually been having this problem for a while but I've finally decided to give it a try to solve this problem.

Basically, I have a bunch of mp3 files sitting in a folder that I wish to transfer to my ipod. When i boot up itunes, i usually would try to import the playlist already given by the included .m3u file. Itunes successfully imports this into my local library but the problem is that when i try to drag that playlist item into my ipod, nothing happens. It creates the playlist in my ipod, usually with the title "000-*artist name*" but it doesn't transfer the songs. I end up having to actually highlight all the music files in windows explorer and drag them into the ipod playlist but that usually ends up messing up the song order, which is very annoying.

This has happened to a bunch of music files i've downloaded so its definitely not this particular group of files. Does anyone know how to solve this?