It's been one of thoes days...


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Feb 23, 2005
So ya, I'm almost at the end of my rope. To make me feel a little better I'm going to bitch about my last two months and if you don't want to read it then don't. No whining!

That being said sorry for the God awful spelling and grammar.

Pretty much started a while back when I was working on a game trailer dvd for some of the local GameStops. (started out as a fun thing I would do for the store I worked at and now I make DVDs for around five stores. the tapes that Gamestop send us are crap.)

I was working on a new one that had a TON of trailers from E3, ten or more were HD trailers for the new Xbox 360. well I started to run out of ram, to the point that it would not open my project. Well I had some ram in my Mac (that I NEVER use) so I took it out and put in into my PC. Well it turns out that my Neo 2 platinum does NOT like to mix single sided ram and double sided ram (thanks MSI) so no go on that idea.

Anyways, I put that on the back burner for a while until I could save up and get a new motherboard and more ram. (knew I should have gone with ASUS) And thats when the next bit of fun started...

A few days later I'm sitting at my computer chatting and reading on the web when I lose my connection. I get up to check the router, after a bit of messing with the router and modem I start to hear shouting. I go to find out what all the fuss is about and I come to find that my Dad, while digging a hole, had cut the cable. So off to the hardware store to pick up parts to fix said cable. Got it fixed in about a half hour. (it was dark by that time so I had to work with a flash light while trying to patch the cable) So after getting that crises resolved and saving my Dad's but, things pretty much went back to normal.

So now it's a few weeks later and now I have an internship at a small video production company. I was stoked because they had told us (me and my class mates from college) that we could be making over $1000 a week, maybe $2000! ...Ya. That never happened.

Pretty much they have us doing crap work and getting paid sh!t for it. This is pretty much how they pay us. Every video you get done you get paid $50, not bad, but this is the catch. for every person that worked on that video your pay is divided amongst them, on average three people work on one video to get it done. my first pay check for a month of work was $75. Incase you are wondering, there are 20+ interns for a company that has a staff of ten. Also at this time Gamestop has no hours to give me, so now I don't have any money for that upgrade. Fun. And my boss is a hippie, I hate him so much. He is a vegetarian, has a pony tail, can't dress right, never shaves and for some reason smells like aloe vera. He also loves to give my projects to other people, making my paycheck even smaller. And he is a die hard mac lover. F*cking hippie....

So I need some money... Well I still have that DVD I could finish up but Vegas won't run because it keeps having to make a very large paging file and crashes. Well maybe a clean install of windows will help, I was planing on it anyways. So I start backing up and while I was getting rid of some files and while cleaning up some files guess I accidentally selected my save file for the video I was working on. (Remember kids! ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP!) So now later on I will have fun with that when it comes to my attention. But for right now, let's get onto the fun that was Windows XP X64! I had gotten my hands on a copy of X64 (No it was not a downloaded copy :p ) and was over joyed to get to see it's awesome power!

The Power to KILL Hardware! *Dramatic music*

So after installing X64 and finding out the blunder I had made with Vegas and also finding out x64 wouldn't help vegas run better anyways, I threw in FarCry and got the 64bit patch to take for a spin before I went back to XP Pro. (X64 is neat but not what I need right now.) Well I had been having issues with my screen randomly displaying blocky lines going up it, I shrugged it off thinking it was just the new drivers not 100% done. Well I guess it was a bit more than that when FarCry Crashed HARD with all sorts of fun stuff being displayed on my monitor, after hitting reboot my computer would not start up. So I figure out my X800pro had died, I give ATi a call. They said they will replace it. Problem is, I don't have the stock Heatsink that came with the card. I have a artic-coolling ATi 4 and the stock Heatsink fan got crushed while sitting in a box with other computer items. So ATi said they can't fix it with out that Heatsink. so unless I find one I'm out of luck.

Well while I'm hunting down a Heatsink I'm getting my motherboard fixed. this is not a bad thing really since I needed to get it done anyways. A while back I fryed one of the fan connectors on it, not a big deal since it still ran fine and then I had a good excuse to get a fan controller I had my eye on. So now that my PC is down I'm using this damn Mac. Ya, I work with them on a daily basis and can acknowledge the fact they are great for video editing. That doesn't mean I have to like them!

And to add insult to injury a damn mole ate the cable I had to patch a month ago!

Cliff Notes:

1.Life is a bitch.


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Aug 23, 2004
Man I just WISH i was willing to read all of that but I'm not; I'm an American. So whatever compelled you to write all that, here's to you and your beef :beer:


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Mar 24, 2005
i would never read all that, c'mon guyys, where are the cliffs? american's are lazy like me. like jzelinksi said. :beer:


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Aug 4, 2004
The fact that you made $75 in a month is bordering on insane. I would rather not eat and just chill all day long than work for only $75 a month. Quit, seriously.