Israeli Troops open fire on Peace Demonstrators at Seperation Fence, Israeli/Swede shot

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Sep 21, 2002
Ohh no? 2,600 Palestinians died as a direct result of Israeli force in the last 3 years or so, if that is not mass murder, I don't know what is.

and the vast majority of the deaths were young palestinian men. i wonder why...... couldn't be militants and murderers? no.... unlike israeli deaths which are consistent with the population with thorough distribution of women and children, evidence of indescrimant attacks. palestinian casualtiy figures include gunmen, terrorist leaders killed by israel, so called collaborators the plo kills themselves, and suicide bombers. and keep in mind, the only reason israeli deaths aren't higher is the fact that their emergency medical care has evolved into an incredibly responsive and advanced system. not to mention the idf preventing a great many of the attacks. the number of israeli dead is kept artificially low thanks to these systems. its not for a lack of intention by the palestinians.

Would you like some examples of how Israeli tactics compare to Nazism?
-Building walls around innocent Palestinian population like Nazi build ghettos for Jews.
-Writing numbers in ink on the hands of Palestinians at road blocks.
-Making Palestinians dance and sing Hebrew songs at check points
-No fair public trials
Of course no analogy is perfect, but then if it was, it wouldn't be an analogy in the first place.

far from perfect indeed. but your points aren't even accurate. building walls around innocents? i'm sorry, they are far from innocent. they have half a century of blood on their hands, and it continues ever more furiously today. occupation? sorry, they were only under occupation from 67 on when they decided to bet they could take it all in war...and lost. torture of terrorists that target civilians to save more lives? to keep palestinian bombers from filling the bodies of women and children with nails? oh, uncalled for! and they've stopped since israeli courts ruled against the use. unlike the palestinians who even torture their own when they are "collaborators". and would certainly torture israelis without a second thought. to breed hate through indocrination of children, to support racist hate and incitment to violence, to glorify murder through all your government institutions, media, leaders, religious leaders is what the palestinians share with the nazi's. they share all the same fundamental corruptions of humanity. it was the palestinian leadership who collaborated with hitler on how to impliment the final solution in palestine. it is the palestinians who never shed that heritage of hate, and fight through its zeal to this very day. if the israelis are nazi's, there are no words to describe the palestinians inhumanity. your analogy is so bad it defies logic.

mind comparing the US with the nazi's now? after all, we do have a fence down on the mexican border:p its not much more then the logical stretch you've always applied. can you even imagine how comprehensive our fence would be if mexico sent suicide bombers?

and find some better numbers. socially AND economically cut off? coudl they be more vague on purpose. economically cut off from israel? and socially? you were supposed to find numbers on economics only. and numbers that don't dishonesty include those who were cut off to begin with because of the violence. the simple fact you leave out is this. there will be a door on the fence every 2 miles. the US mexico border fence only has a door every 50 miles.

the palestinians have done everything to deserve this fence. a calculated measured defence against a people who never have stopped their love affair with murder. palestinian response to everything is revenge, mass murder. if the idf operated under palestinian ideals, they'd simply mass murder civilians at extreme rates everytime there was a suicide bombing. after all, its easy to do with a couple tanks right? maybe a couple thousand would satisfy the blood revenge lust. revenge is only satisfying if wholly disproportionate to the injury. but the simple fact is they do no such thing. and you cry at a fence. they refuse to dismantel terrorist infracstructure, let alone recognize israels right to simply exist. they brought the fence on themselves.

and don't even start to talk of collective punishment, the entire palestinian agenda is collective punishment through mass murder.

and you see, they have nothing to lose. no matter what they do, there will always someone that says israel should go back to the 67 borders. the palestinians sacrifice nothing. they bet in war from 67 they could have it all, and yet lose nothing. its unprecidented. its why they commit inhumane terror, a chance to have it all. nothing at risk really. and the simple fact is 59% of palestinians support continued attacks even after they recieve a state, even on the 67 borders. and well the terrorist groups the plo is in bed with certainly don't want to settle for half the pie. the plo won't even change its official charter on recognizing israel, let alone tearing out the parts about using geurilla terror to achieve their goals. the fence is irrelevant. these are people who collaborated with hitler and were never punished. they've had the chance to fix everything through simple cecession of attacks and wars for 50 years.


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Oct 30, 2000

Thanks for saving my fingers.

Those that feel the Palestinian cause is just because of the Israel being the bully on the block will not change their attitude.

When Israel was the David vs. Goliath (arab League), they may have had a different tune.
I suspect it is the root for the underdog.

Also, many of the peacenicks revel in their safety, ignoring the blood that was shed to allow their views.