Isn't states' rights better at preventing non-documented workers from voting?

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Feb 13, 2010
I think passing a national id is ridiculous, and even moreso when the reason behind it is to crackdown on illegal aliens.

First of all, these days, most of the states are tougher on illegal immigration than the Federal government is.

2nd of all, it's the 14th Amendment that disallows the states from doing as they please in regards to illegal immigration. I'm not saying that I would do everything AZ wanted to do if I were a state legislator, but I don't see how increasing the power of the Federal Government (like passing the National ID act) is likely to deter illegal immigration.

3rd of all, if the 17th Amendment were repealed, there would be even less illegal immigrants voting because a state legislature is less likely to have an illegal immigrant voting for U.S. Senators than all the people in a state.

Why is a national ID necessary when we could return to states' rights?

I'm worried that the Federal government is going to (take a) dump in my soul yet again by passing the national id act. The national id is going to run us further into debt and infringe upon even more of our civil liberties. The U.S. is eventually going to wind up like Nazi Germany or Maoist China, if the people don't wake the hell up and vote the neocons out of power.


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Jun 27, 2005
How is a state requiring a state ID to vote in a state election a violation of state's rights?


Feb 6, 2002
I think requiring a national ID has some merit. There are many systems now that use the SSN that are federal system that I think are breaking their own federal law. For instance you need a SSN to qualify for a Pell Grant. However, you should not have to give anyone your SSN. Also try buying real estate without a SSN?

I think we could take a look at driver's licenses/state Id's and just sync up all the sources and use a national ID # that can never be changed. It makes sense to have a federal system for both identification, and recording of illegal activity, to prevent people from moving from state to state to prevent prosecution and to hide their illegal activity.
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