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Is USB-C any more or less durable a socket?


May 19, 2011
My wife is busy finishing off her second Nokia 7 Plus, same problem as before, the USB-C socket is developing a wobbly connection. She had a third party repair company repair the first one but it developed the issue again, now the replacement phone has the same problem.

She's been using smartphones for several years (2012 I think?), and this is the first phone model that she's had this problem with. Admittedly I don't think it helps matters at all when she uses her phone in bed while charging and the cable near the phone end is being pushed into a curve, and I've tried to encourage her not to do it, but hey ho. Also, there's no question about cable or socket, same problem with new cable (or one of mine).

I remember a conversation on this forum about USB-C with some opinions being thrown around about its durability compared to the older USB-micro socket, but do people here think that USB-C is less durable than its predecessor? Admittedly even if there was a consensus I guess I won't help much (because the alternative is 'go Apple', and I seriously doubt she'll want to do that), but it would be useful to know in advance that say changing brand won't help, or perhaps there's a whole slew of Nokia users here with no USB-C problems. Admittedly I have a newer Nokia 8.3 5G but a) I've only had it about 6 months and b) as I switch off unnecessary services on my phone and I mostly use my desktop, my phone only needs charging approx. every 4-6 days rather than my wife's daily phone charging routine.

She's expressing an interest in a new phone (or at least is considering her options, replace/repair), and my feeling is that because she was most satisfied with her Samsung Galaxy S6 which is still going strong as her 'predominantly for games' phone (with a side dish of 'she never fully migrated to her new phone'), I'd probably go with another Samsung phone this time around.


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Apr 7, 2003
/shrug Only issues I have ever had with charging cables are microUSB on Xbox controller due to my kids being way too rough with them and lightning cables because lightning cables are frail as f (my wife has broken 3).


Jan 14, 2013
USB-C seems quite good and durable. I mean they are using them for laptops. The only issue I've had with it over micro-USB is lint. It's got more space for lint to get in, which for my phone has made the charging cable not click in as much as it could. Just gotta get a safety pin and clean it out every now and then.


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Mar 20, 2000
my pixel 2's usb c port is loose with any cable except the one it came with. been that way for months now. at least 1500 insertion/removal cycles


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Oct 11, 2005

I will say after about 2 years I did find USB Type C to have more issues charging my phone than previous Micro USB phones did, loose connection being the issue.

Ps Apologies for the derp in the video thumbnail...


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Sep 26, 2011
My Galaxy S8+ along with the charge cable and and charger that came with it are all approaching 5 years old of daily use and abuse.
(knocks on every piece of wood in sight)
Zero problems.