Is This Swap Doable?


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May 5, 2014
I have been the victim of the infamous *surround* drop out with my old, Scientific Atlanta (Cisco IPN4320) U-Verse DVR. I have convinced AT&T to provide me with a replacement DVR...The VIP2250 is not used in my area, but they assured me the new, 2nd gen Cisco ISB7500 would cure my issues.

So....I have a full 320 megs of hard drive, full of programs I am not really interested in losing.

My question is two fold....with answer two dependent on the answer to question one: Will the hard drive in the 'old' Cisco box, work (read: play the recorded programming) in the new Cisco box? ('nuther words, if I take the drive out, do a 'bit' copy of the data onto the new 500 gig hard drive, will the new box 'see' the (and play) the old programming?)

I am ***NOT*** trying to get the programs to work on my computer..just want to watch my stored programming in the new Cisco box.

OK, *if* the answer is YES to question one, my second question is in the bloody blue hell do I get the Cisco boxes apart, with out destroying anything?

Thanks for all the possible help from you guru's!