Is this Samsung 830 series 512GB SSD the hottest new SSD on the market ?


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Jan 3, 2010
This thing is next on my BWIC list. "Buy when It's cheap" I mean now that I think about it. I spent 1k I think on my 1998 P2B SCSI onboard with a 9GB cheetah that cost me 400 bones I think... sighs,,,,,,,,,I mean I almost payed 1k for 9GB of space LMAO but those days in 98 that was good enough LMAOOOOOO! 256MB RAM powned too. I will pay 300 to 400 for this thing in 6 months. It doesn't make sense to spend 700 bones on this while your CPU costs 300 bones and vid card costs 300 avg. Their trying to take our money. Soon SSD will be as cheap as a hard drive. Well not that soon, dont cross your fingers. Maybe in 2015 or soo.