Is this possible with pre-built?

Aug 25, 2014
So I am a casual twitch streamer. I have a ultrabook that I stream from (Yoga 2 Pro with 8GB) but streaming + running 3 27" monitors is too taxing and there is significant lag if I'm multitasking. As such, I'm looking into getting a desktop to handle the 3 27" monitors & multi-tasking while my laptop is specific to just being the stream feed.

I'm wanting this desktop to also be a "command" center for streaming Kodi. Is it possible to somehow setup the desktop so that it can be displayed on TVs throughout the house? For example, if my desktop is up in my bedroom running Kodi and I want to watch it downstairs, it is somehow able to stream it down to my living room TV.

Recommendations on what I should be looking for in a desktop is appreciated.


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Apr 26, 2007
you should probably be looking for a desktop that's at least an i5 w/ 8gb of ram. You'll want haswell (4xxx) or newer (6xxx) for triple monitor, and if it's haswell, make sure it's not an h81 mobo.

if you just want kodi on multiple devices, it'd probably just be cheaper to use firetv sticks

you could probably look into hdmi range extenders. There are various wireless one's using radio frequencies like ~5GHz or ~7GHz. I remember monoprice selling an hdmi version for ~$100 but can't find it atm
an IR transmitter for remotes

If you have ethernet runs in place, there are some devices that can convert HDMI to ethernet and back.

It might be possible to do one source to multiple TVs through a switching HDMI hub
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