Is this a scam? edit: nevermind, it's not

Sir Fredrick

Oct 14, 1999
I called my parents to ask their advice, and apparently here's what happened:
About a year ago my parents signed up with for their long distance service, they set it up to automatically bill their credit card. A couple months ago that CC must have expired. They received nothing from saying that they were unable to bill the credit card, there's just suddenly a disconnection notice. My dad's name is James, and for some reason they're billing him as Jas. The post office is supposed to forward mail intended for "Jay Paroline" up to this address...apparently they felt that Jas was closer to Jay than to James, which is why I received the notice.
My parents will call tomorrow and straighten it out.

Hi, I received in the mail today a notice from
It says:

Final Notice
Termination of Long Distance Telephone Service
Immediate Action Required

Jas A Paroline (my name is Jason not Jas)
my old address, which I haven't been at for over 6 months (it was forwarded to my new address)

Account number:
my old home phone number

username: jasparoline
password: a bunch of characters

total amount due: 78.15

Past due amount: $54.56
Date of notice: 12/03/01


Your account for long distance telephone services is currently past due. Our records show that you have failed to make the required payment on your account. As a result, we are compelleed to issue you this notice for proposed discontinuation of your telephone service with Essential. It is very important that you pay the full past due amount or your service will be discontinued 10 days from the date on this notice. Payment must arrive at prior to disconnect date.

blah blah blah

If you fail to make this payment, your account will also be referred to a professional collection services agency for further attempts to collect the past due amount. To avoid this, your (sic) must remit pthe full past due balance to the following address:
PO Box 588
Lewiston, ME

blah blah blah

Ok, I have never heard of before, they don't have my real name or my current address, doesn't have very much information on it, and it's too late to call them.
I'm wondering if this is a scam that I should report, if I should just ignore this notice, or if I really need to try to get ahold of them to straighten it out.
This is the first time I've received a bill from them, it's not like I received a bill and ignored it.
I'm afraid to log in to the site with the username and password they supplied for fear that might bind me to something.


Diamond Member
Apr 6, 2000
must be scam by former employee.

I tried to log in to pay my bill but failed for several months. Never receive any paper bill.
I guess they don't have mood to collect money since they're doomed.

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November 26, 2001

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