is this a good deal?please help


Apr 29, 2002
this is the email he sent me he was selling a pc on the seller forum here at anandtech
mobo: epox 8kha+ (via kt266a chipset, with many overclocking features)
cpu: amd athlon xp 1700+, with a quiet svc gc68 heatsink installed on it using arctic silver
ram: 256 mb stick of crucial pc2100 ddr
video: powermagic radeon 7500le (vga, dvi, and s-video outputs, with dual head functions for running two monitors at once) -- comes with dvi to 2nd vga adaptor and s-video cable
sound: hercules gamesurround musexl soundcard (c-media chipset, 4 channels)
network: 3com 10/100 pci card
hard drive: ibm deskstar 20 gb 7200 rpm
cd-rw: teac 24x10x40
dvd: creative labs 16x
floppy: hp floppy drive
case: antec solution series w/ 300w psu
modifications: case window, 4" cold cathode blacklight, more efficient fan intake w/fan grill installed in front, 2 case fans (front and back), quieter fan installed in power supply

the system is slightly overclocked (139 fsb w/o multiplier adjustments), so the cpu is running at xp 1800+ speeds (1.53 ghz), and the ram is running very fast at ultra ram timings fine. both have good cooling installed on them. the video card is oc'ed from 270/230 to 290/250 (core/mem), which is faster than the retail ati-built radeon 7500 specs. i can leave them at these settings, or revert them to their default specs. whatever you want.

in 3dmark 2001se, this computer, at the oc'ed settings, receives a score of about 5300 3dmarks in 1024x768 32-bit color default settings. it'll run any game / graphic app that you throw at it beautifully! it is also extremely stable, as it is not oc'ed way out of spec. like i said before, the only reason i want to sell my baby is because i want to build a very small system with an lcd, so i can transport it easily.

asking price is $700 shipped. i prefer payment to be made using paypal. just for peace of mind, i will make sure to pack it extremely well and i will include all the original manuals that i have, any additional instructions that you might need, and also the good drivers that i'm using. thanx for checking out my thread, and i hope to hear from you soon!



Jun 19, 2001
thats not a bad deal. if u part it out... the $ would be roughly the same. a quick esitmate in my head ended up being like $630. so get overnight shipping :p